The start of a new year brings opportunities to do something you’ve never done before. It gives us a chance to start fresh and find motivation to change.  And with all these new things that can be done and newly found motivation to do them, I decided to spend the first day of my new … Continue reading Alinea

Byblos Cafe

Posting on Christmas Day inspired me to look for what I consider a source of comfort.  This past year was a year of self reflection. This reflection has made me come to realize that being comfortable is something that I not only look for, but want to provide.  I find that comfort normally comes in … Continue reading Byblos Cafe

Pitchoun Bakery

There’s a great little French bakery that I love tucked away in the Pac Mutual Building on Olive Street (right across the street from Pershing Square).  This area brings back fond memories for me because of an internship I had in the same building.  Underground parking is available with validation for 2 hours, but the … Continue reading Pitchoun Bakery


If you’re looking for a great little artisanal market, bakery and restaurant, stop by Farmshop inside the Brentwood Country Mart in Santa Monica, CA.  The market supports a wide variety of local and regional growers and food artisans, offering everything from cured meats and cheeses to organic produce, pantry items, wine and beer.  The bakery … Continue reading Farmshop